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Women in prisons


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*List of articles



Cristina Enguita Fernàndez, Managing Ethnicity through the Body: Tattoo and Facial Scarification Ethnography among the Cameroon’s Mbororo

Anamaria Fălăuş, On Homelessness and Fragmented Identities

Delia-Anamaria Răchişan, March and the March Amulet


*Political Philosophy

Monica Istrate, Aspects éthiques liés au totalitarisme



Roxana Bălăuca, The General Directorate for Press and Prints and its Role in the Process of Library Purging

Elena Andra Cicarma, From the first contacts of Hellenic civilization with Pharaonic Egypt to the Greek Poleis and the Hellenistic Age of Egypt

Alin Popa & Violeta Popa & Sorin Preda, Theatrical Activity of Bacău (1846-1911)

Alin Popa & Violeta Popa & Sorin Preda, Performing Arts in the City of Bacău (1918-1938)

Pavla Voborníková, Divided We Live: Racial and Ethnic Segregation in Housing in the U.S.


*Literary Criticism

Irina-Ana Drobot, Un mâle par Camille Lemonnier: un roman d’amour

Irina-Ana Drobot, Travelling to Europe and Social Status in Little Dorrit and Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Irina-Ana Drobot, Le Moyen Age dans La Chanson du Mal-Aimé par Guillaume Apollinaire

Irina-Ana Drobot, Virginia Woolf’s Novel The Waves: Its Dramatic Features

Irina-Ana Drobot, Literature as Part of an Academic’s Life in the Campus Novels Ever After by Graham Swift and Possession by A.S. Byatt

Irina-Ana Drobot, Cognitive Metaphors in Love’s Philosophy by P.B. Shelley

Irina-Ana Drobot, La communication verbale dans un fragment tiré du roman Madame Bovary par Gustave Flaubert

Irina-Ana Drobot, Chapitre 10 du roman Le petit prince par Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: Procédure de figuration - face positive et face négative

Irina-Ana Drobot, Affiliations of the Persona in Howl by Allen Ginsberg with the Romantic Tradition of the Poète Maudit

Dana Matei, Dos mujeres en Praga o vivir bajo “lo que no … ”




Irina-Ana Drobot, Teaching English Tenses: the Importance of the Visual Aspect

Irina-Ana Drobot, Yiddish as the Language of Jews in Europe

Irina-Ana Drobot, Teaching Sentence Adverbs in the English Language to Romanian Learners

Ileana Vesa,, The Complementary Poetic Vision of Anne Bradstreet



*Journalism & Communication Sciences

Adriana Diniş, Contrat de communication et dimension interactive du discours publicitaire télévisé


*Political Economy

Marius Ioan Mihuţ & Anita Pleşoianu, The investigation of economic growth’s explanatory factors: The case of the Japanese economy

Claudia Florina Radu, About Tax Compliance: Some Reasons why People Pay Their Taxes

Andreea Szombati, A Need for Change: Diversity in Boardrooms



Mirela Beguni, Un souteneur du théâtre roumain: le métropolite Veniamin Costachi

Anton Savelovici, Words from Orthodox Bibles and Liturgical Texts Proposed for Linguistic Revision


Florin Vârlan, Old-Testamentary Prefiguration of Christ in the Book of the Prophet Daniel









*List of articles



Magdalena Bialoborska, Sabura de San Jon. Reflexões sobre a Festa de San Jon na Ilha de Santo Antão em Cabo Verde

Laura Porzio, Recreating Japanese Youth Cultures in Western Society: Visual Representation and Embodied Body Identities


* Philosophy

Anda Căpraru, The Function of Apophatic Discourse in Proclus’ Commentary on Plato’s “Parmenides”

Marius-Marin Nicoară, K. R. Popper’s criticism of Plato. A Brief Applied Analysis on Assumptions


*Political Philosophy

Yunuen Mandujano, The Politics of Selling Culture and Branding the National in Contemporary Japan: Economic Goals, Soft-power and Reinforcement of the National Pride



Elena Andra Cicarma, The Theriomorphism of Anubis. His Etymology, Mythological Attendances and Religious Manifestations.The Perceptions External of Egypt and Subsequent Religious Assessments

Monica-Gabriela Culic (married name Florea), The Great Union in Romanian Memoirs

Monica-Gabriela Culic (married name Florea), Festivities dedicated to The Great Union during the Interwar Period

Ruxandra Pădure, Ideas of Jewish Naturalization Reflected by the Romanian and Jewish Press in the 19th Century


*Literary Criticism

Anemona Alb, Taxonomies, Old and New: new instantiations of iconographies of women in chick lit

Adina Bodrogean, Enlightenment Ideas Reflected in the English Literature of the Time

Irina-Ana Drobot, The Image of the Father in Virginia Woolf and Graham Swift

Irina-Ana Drobot, Characters’ Costumes in the Illustrations of the Grimm Brothers’ Tales

Irina-Ana Drobot, Le comique dans Pierre Daninos, Les carnets du major W. Marmaduke Thompson, Chapitre III: Le royaume de la subdivision

Elena Maria Emandi, Early Gothic Fiction in English Literature


* Linguistics

Irina-Ana Drobot, Phonological Features of Cockney English in the Film “Last Orders”

Daniela Filip, La dimension sémantique de l’ironie. Une approche de la perspective de l’intégralisme linguistique


*Visual Art

Andrei Florian, Readymade Nature, Prior Models of Human Artistic Creation

Eugenia Mircea, The Postmodern Condition of Cinema in Hollywood Culture


*Journalism & Communication Sciences

Denisa Igna, Rolle der Medien im Daf-Unterricht

Irina-Ana Drobot, Using Language and Cultural Aspects in Teaching Role Play


* Pedagogy

Anamaria Andreea Nistor and Tania-Florentina Chilin, Challenging Behaviour of Children with Intellectual Disabilities and its Relation to Burnout for Those Working with Them: a Systematic Review

Anamaria Andreea Nistor, Mediators of the Relationship between Challenging Behaviors and Burnout in Romanian Special Education Teachers


*Political Economy

Balogh Bálint, Monetary and Non-Monetary Measures of Human Capital



Daniel Brînzan, The Theory of the Immortality of the Soul at Saint Augustine

Ruxandra Pădure, Jewish Prayer Books

Sergiu Tomescu, Romanian Agreement with the Vatican and The Greek-catholic Church in Bucovina

Florin Vârlan, New Testament Landmarks concerning the Church Hierarchy

Vasile Vlad, The Bodily Forms of the Prayer in Eastern Christian Spirituality



*List of articles



Delia-Anamaria Răchişan, La magia della parola e le piante magiche, miracolose


* Philosophy

Raluca Abăseacă, L’actualité de la pensée de Gramsci

Alexandru Anghel, The natural origin of religion: David Hume and contemporary theories

Raluca Bădoi, Transcendance et langage dans l’écriture d’Emmanuel Levinas: un approche transdisciplinaire

Claudia Renata David, The Idea of God According to Ion Petrovici

Liliana Sonea, The Development of Culianu’s Method

Aura Schussler, Soft-core, Hard-core and Pornography


*Political Philosophy

Walter Block, Rejoinder to Todea on The ‘Open’ Contract of Immigration

Sarabjit Kaur, An Insight into the relationship between Economic Inequality and Political Conflict in the Context of India



Mirela Beguni, La lutte pour le contrôle des fortunes ecclésiastiques dans la période règlementaire

Cosmin Budeancă, The Emigration of Teachers of German Origin from Romania between 1978-1989

Elena Andra Cicarma, The diversity and the theriomorphism of Horus as the exponent of pharaonic royalty. His local nomatic and syncretic henotheistic hypostases


*Literary Criticism

Anemona Alb, Instantiations of Confinement and Transgression in Chick Lit

Adina Bandici, The Composition of the Monodrama Proserpina

Adina Bandici, El espíritu dionisíaco en el Fausto de Goethe

Ramona Bran, Successful Cultural Translation: An Immigrant’s Most ‘Awesome’ Achievement

Diana Corban, Du discours de la passion à la passion du discours dans le roman L’Arc en ciel de D.H. Lawrence

Irina-Ana Drobot, Isolation and Madness in Virginia Woolf and Graham Swift

Irina-Ana Drobot, Moments of Being in Virginia Woolf and Graham Swift: Language

Irina-Ana Drobot, Repetition and Variation of Images in Virginia Woolf and Graham Swift

Irina-Ana Drobot, Soliloquies in Virginia Woolf and Graham Swift

Irina-Ana Drobot, Esoteric Aspects and Lyricism in Virginia Woolf and Graham Swift

Irina-Ana Drobot, Virginia Woolf’s ‘Sketch of the Past’: Moments of Lyricism?

Irina-Ana Drobot, Comic and Lyrical Language in Virginia Woolf’s Night and Day and in Graham Swift’s Ever After

Irina-Ana Drobot, Fantasy and Reality in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and Flush: A Biography and Graham Swift’s Waterland

Irina-Ana Drobot, Representations of the Hero’s Journey in Fifth Element

Irina-Ana Drobot, Modernist and Postmodernist Representations of the World in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway and in Graham Swift’s The Light Of Day

Irina-Ana Drobot, Witty and Lyrical Language in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and Graham Swift’s The Light of Day

Anamaria Fălăuş, Infra-images or the Representation of Americanness in Andrei Codrescu’s Diasporic autobiography An Involuntary Genius in America’s Shoes (and what Happeened afterwards)

Anca Iosziv, The Classicism, the Romanian Literary Trend in the late XVIIIth and early XIXth Century

Elena Paliţă, Shakespearean adaptation typologies

Dana Percec, The Serious Game. Magician Comedy on the Tudor and Stuart Stage

Flavia Alexandra Petrov, Neoplatonic Influences in The Sacred Poem. Dante Alighieri, a Precursor to the Florentine Academy

Ioana Trempe, Feminine Presences in the Literary Creation of the Caragiale Dynasty


* Linguistics

Teodora Popa, Pour une théorie sémiologique de la mode


*Visual Art

Daniela Maria Badilă, The Secondary Reality of the Feminine Nude


*Journalism & Communication Sciences

Brînduşa-Mariana Amălăncei, Persuasion et discours publicitaire

Cristina Cîrtiţă-Buzoianu, Ethical Dilemmas in Practicing Public Relation

Lidia Rădulescu, The Press Laws, The Union of Transylvania and Banat Romanian Press and the Journalist Formation (1920-1940)


* Sociology

Andreea Pruncuţ, Uncertainties, methodological disquiets and auto-reflexivity. A personal account on the interview process


*Political Economy

Claudia Florina Radu, The Importance of State's Involvement in Economy



Florin Dobrei, Statutory Foresight concerning the Organization of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and its Relationship with the State during the Exarchate (1870-1945)

George Enache, The Problem of Autonomy in the Parliamentary Debates from 1925 Regarding the Law on the Organization of the Romanian Orthodox Church

Ştefan Florea, L’esegesi biblica dei Padri sulla Chiesa

Adrian Ignat, The Concepts of „Religion” and „State” in the Vision of Michael Walzer and Augustine

Ligia Istrate, Jews in Egypt. Aliya and Yerida early Period according to the Book of Genesis

Cosmin Santi, Communion of Man and God in Eternity by the Eschatological Mass

Anton Savelovici, Dumitru Cornilescu and the Context of his Bible Translation





*List of articles



Carmen Alexandrache, The Great Religious Holydays – Forms of Social Solidarity and of Political Power

Ligia Istrate, The Contemporary Egyptian Woman in Islamic Background. Perception and Self Perception

Alin Popa, Violeta Preda, Bacău Domestic Universe in the First Half of the Twentieth Century

Laura Porzio, Violent Practices as a Resource for Interaction and Relationships. The Biographical Experience of Charlie as a Latin king



Claudia-Renata David, The Status of Philosophy According to Ion Petrovici

Flaviu Pătrunjel, Death games and Survival Horror video games: on the limits of pure torture show entertainments

Nilüfer Pembecioğlu, Building Identities: Living in the Hybrid Society

Ana Maria Stănilă, Nature and society with Th. Hobbes and J.J. Rousseau. The evolution of man from the natural state to the social state and the social contract


*Philosophy of Education

Jordan Reel and Walter E. Block, Public Education: Who is it for?



Cristina Bojan, Sonia Pavlenko, Entangled History: University Peregrinations – The Case of Babeş-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca (RO) and University of Szeged (HU)

Adriana Cîteia, Frontier Terminology in Roman and Romano-Byzantine Empires

Simona Maria Cursaru-Herlea, Considerations Regarding the Decoration of Early Medieval Pottery Found at Capidava (ninth to eleventh Centuries)

Florin Dobrei, Administrative-territorial organization of Hunedoara area during 1688-1918

George Enache, Christianity, Modernity and Romanian Folklore

Arthur Viorel Tuluş, Jews’ Involvement in the Communist Movement. Case Study: the Region Surrounding the Mouths of the Danube River


*Literary Criticism

Anemona Alb, Illusion, Simulacra and Postmodern Identity in Bret Easton Ellis’s Glamorama

Adina Bandici, Religion and Tolerance in G.E. Lessing’s Drama of Ideas Nathan the Wise

Antonia Cun, The Prosework of Henriette Yvonne Stahl within the Novel of Psychological Analysis

Irina-Ana Drobot, Flowers in Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf and The Light Of Day by Graham Swift

Irina-Ana Drobot, Perception of Reality in A Streetcar Named Desire

Anamaria Fălăuş, Identity Metamorphoses in Andrei Codrescu’s Exilic Memoir An Involuntary Genius in America’s Shoes (and what happened afterwards)

Teodora Popa, Eating Disorders in a Hyper-Consumerist and Post-feminist Context

Bogdan Raţiu, The Narcissistik Look - Eros/ Politikon/ Thanatos



Güven Büyükbaykal, Audience Preferences For Getting News From The Sports Pages Of The Turkish Newspapers On The Internet

Uğur Gündüz, Digital Music Format Mp3 as a New Communications Technology and the Future of the Music Industry


* Communication Sciences

Brînduşa-Mariana Amălăncei, Argutie et publicité

Cristina Cîrtiţă-Buzoianu, “Romania Has Stopped Being Silent!”: A Qualitative Analysis of the 2012 Protests


* Linguistics

Mihaela Cătălina Tărcăoanu, Teaching and Learning Idioms in English (Theoretical and Practical Considerations)



Diana Anghel, The Development of Theory of Mind in Children with Congenital Visual Impairments


*Visual Art

Marius Georgescu, ‘Chrysalides’ or the Number Thirteen and Alchemy

Eugenia Mircea, The Dialectical Image: Eisenstein in Soviet Cinema



Mirela Beguni, 20 février 1808. La démission d’un métropolite

Florin Paloşan, Watchfulness - the Leading Path towards the Enhancement of the Christian Virtues

Anton Savelovici, A Comparative Exposition of Dogmatic Parallels between the Bibles Used by the Church and the Newer Biblical Editions of the Neo-Protestants





*List of articles

David Berná, Michele Cascone, Raquel (Lucas) Platero, ¿Qué puede aportar una mirada queer a la educación? Un estado de la cuestión sobre los estudios sobre la LGTBfobia y educación en el Estado español
Almudena Cabezas González, Mujeres Indígenas constructoras de región: desde América Latina hasta Abya Yala

Alexandru Anghel, Hume on miracles and the Lourdes phenomenon
Bogdan Dragomirescu, The Evolution of the Critical Theory. Habermas on Reason and the Lifeworld
Marius Marin Nicoară, An Analytical View on Writing and Orality in Plato’s Philosophy
Theodora-Eva Ormeny & Francisc-Norbert Ormeny, Modes of efficiency and motivation: Specialization and Spirituality

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